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The Major

(6,8 Liter)

A perfect sized air supplier for every airgunner. Your portable air base at the range or in the hunting lodge, to carry in our specially tailored Range Bag.

The Private

(2.0 Liter)

Developed to be the optimal companion if you are on the move with your airgun. Bring it in the Field Backpack and you are all set for a weekend in the field!

  • Higher air pressure capability than steel tanks equals more air fills to your airgun

  • Light weight for easy transportation

  • Unique black design

  • The Private:
    – light and portable

  • The Major:
     – the perfect sized air supplier 

  • Volume: 6.8L and 2.0L
  • Construction: Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum liner

  • Max pressure: 310 bar (4500psi)
  • Certification: DOT and Pi certificated 
  • Threading: M18x1.5
  • Weight:
    – The Major – 4,05KG
    – The Private – 1,6KG

Coming early 2020

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