We love airguns because they are silent, they are clean, they have no recoil and the best ones have an accuracy second to none.

You shoot comfortably without hearing protection while talking to your friends. You can easily hit a coin from 100 yards without hurting your shoulder and effectively kill small game at a distance without having to worry about dangerous long range effects. The modern airgun is a safe, sophisticated, environmentally friendly and highly accurate shooting tool.

The new technology (PCP) has moved the air rifle from the garage into the fine gun cabinet. It’s a serious precision tool for serious money, seriously good looking and seriously fun to use. We think that our friends at FX in Sweden make the best airguns in the world so we don’t make guns, we just make all the rest for the very best. We are here to provide the air gunners with their own range of useful and good looking clothes and equipment. Professional gear for dedicated people. We make clothes, bags, bi-pods, glasses, bottles, valves and so on. Get your gun and we’ll provide the rest!


Sneaking up on a pigeon with an old ”springer” was a big adventure as a kid, hard to beat with all the fancy tools that money can buy today and all the big game that you may be able to hunt. But in the pursuit of a good adventure if you can’t go any bigger, any heavier or any more powerful why don’t you turn the other way – go light, go quiet and go cool. Make less noise and less danger, make more fun and develop your skills. The airgun is for the shooter what the fly rod is for the fisherman – it’s not about the size of the rod, it’s how you swing it.


Scandinavian Airguns is founded upon a lifetime of using airguns – shooting and hunting and of years with the airgun industry. We used spring guns as kids for plinking and hunting the smallest game (even if we weren’t supposed to) and now we’re competing around the world with the finest airguns of today and hanging out with everyone from the VIP:s to the average air gunner in events on several continents.

Many have discovered the amazing modern PCP airgun and many more will, but the industry is still young and we are borrowing stuff from other disciplines to power our sport with air and gear – from the silent underwater world of diving to the noisy world of firearms and from any other place that have useful stuff for our growing community. But now it is time to have our own gear.