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RMAC 2022 - what a great event!

Dry, hot, windy, fun, intense, great food trucks, great staff, great organization and most of all so many nice people making us all look forward to next year and seeing you all again. And the level of shooting only gets better and watching the speed challenge final, best entertainment on a shooting event so far!

Thank you Utah Airguns, Justin with family and the whole crew for taking so good care of us and for making this event to what it is (and for all the cooling ice with the Diet Cokes 🙂

Thanks also everybody for your valuable feedback and encouraging comments on our products. Launching air service products and the Benchmark Bipod and more at the end of the summer making it all available to buy.

Back in Sweden now, preparing to serve you. Wish you all a great summer and until next time, have a good one!

SA Sweden


Made for the FX Dreamline.


For the avid airgunner.


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